Sunday, August 25, 2013

Esoteric Tradition

In my world I work for Herman Melville, I work for Iamblichus, I work for Plato, Jane Austen, Doris Lessing, Asimov, Tolkien, Richard Dawkins and Nora Roberts. I work for countless authors famed and non. I also work for G. de Purucker, sharing his theosophical perspectives not only thru our open bookshop - Mecosta Book Gallery - and by way of Wizards Bookshelf - but as well in occasional public and private gatherings. We often discuss his work with incarcerated students and others who are voracious readers of G de P.

Please take note -
The Esoteric Tradition By G. de Purucker
New 3rd & Revised Edition 

6 x 9, 708 pages (single volume), bibliography, index
$27.00 paperback  ISBN 9781557002174

Available from Amazon and also direct from Theosophical University Press in paper copy as well as in free Online or PDF eBook version at

The Paperback may also be purchased via Wizards Bookshelf or in real time - at the Bookshop in Mecosta, Michigan or from The American Section of The Theosophical Society (Pasadena).

This new one-volume edition will become a very noteworthy reference to keep in any private personal library or e-reader. It is a very well suited book for future public work, allowing theosophists an important and informative tool not only for personal exploration, but also for sharing outwardly with others via discussion. Cheers to the Editors!

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